Use vulnz to list and describe vulnerabilities..

You can use vulnz to list and describe vulnerabilities.

oxo vulnz [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


--runtime [ local | litelocal | cloud | hybrid ]Runtime is in charge of preparing the environment to trigger a scan.
Specify which runtime to use:
1. local: On you local machine
2. litelocal: Stripped down local runtime
3. cloud: On OXO cloud, (requires login)
4. hybrid: Running partially on OXO cloud and partially on the local machine
--helpShow this message and exit


listCLI command to list vulnerabilities for a scan.oxo vulnz list --scan-id <scan-id>
describeDescribe a vuln by id (--vuln-id) or all the vulnz for as specific scan.oxo vulnz describe --scan-id <scan-id>
You can also specify the runtime (e.g. oxo vulnz --runtime cloud describe --scan-id <scan-id>).
dumpDump found vulnerabilities of a scan in a specific format.oxo vulnz --runtime cloud describe --scan-id 54821