CLI Manual

OXO is an open-source project to help automate security testing.

OXO standardizes interoperability between tools in a consistent, scalable, and performant way.


agentYou can use agent to search, install, bootstrap and run an agent.
authYou can use 'auth [subcommand] [options]' to authenticate.
ci-scanYou can use ci-scan to run scan on the CI.
scanUse scan [subcommand] to list, start or stop a scan.
scannerOXO scanner enables running custom instances of scanners.
vulnzYou can use vulnz to list and describe vulnerabilities.


--versionShow the version and exit
--api-key TEXTAPI key to login to the platform
-X, --proxy TEXTProxy to route HTTPS requests through
--tlsverify / --no-tlsverifyControl TLS server certificate verification.
-d, --debug / --no-debugEnable debug mode
-v, --verbose / --no-verboseEnable verbose mode
--gcp-logging-credential PATHPath to GCP logging JSON credential file.
--helpShow this message and exit.