This section will guide you on how to add, modify, and delete a scanner.

How to manage your scanners

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a scanner in the application. You'll learn how to setup a new scanner, configure its details, and modify or delete it.

What is a scanner?

In OXO Titan, a scanner is a pivotal component where scans are conducted. It can be a local or external machine running the OXO server, operating independently.

Every task you can do on the OXO Titan UI, such as running or importing a scan, is executed on a specific scanner. Thus, scanners form the backbone of the system, playing a vital role in the overall scanning process.


Scanners list page

The scanners list page displays all the scanners that have been added to the application. To access this page, click on the scanners icon in the top right of the navbar.

Scanners list page

Add a new scanner

To add a new scanner, click on "New"

Add a new scanner

Fill in the scanner details

The new scanner form will appear where you can provide the necessary details.

Fill in the scanner details

To obtain these details, start by installing the OXO serve dependencies if you haven't already. You can do this by running the following command:

pip install ostorlab"[serve]"

Next, run the OXO serve command to start the server. The console will display information about the scanner.

oxo serve

Scanner details

You can either fill in the scanner details manually or directly add the scanner by clicking on the "Quick start" link as shown above.

To manually fill in the scanner details, provide the following information:

Scanner Endpoint: Enter the URL of the scanner endpoint.

Fill in the scanner endpoint

Scanner Name: Assign a name to the scanner for easy identification.

Fill in the scanner name

API Key: Input the API key associated with the scanner to enable authentication and access.

Fill in the API key

Once you have filled in all the details, click Save to add the new scanner to the application.

Click Save

Scanner actions

To see the actions for the scanner, click on the three dots next to it.

Scanner actions

This will open a dropdown menu with two options: Edit and delete.

Scanner actions dropdown

Edit scanner details

Select the edit option to update the scanner's details, such as changing the name or API key. After making your changes, click Save to apply the updates.

Edit scanner details

Delete a scanner

to remove the scanner from the application entirely. click on delete.

Delete a scanner

And confirm.

Confirm delete

This guide covered the comprehensive process of adding a scanner in the application, including creating a new scanner, configuring its settings, and managing its details. By following the precise instructions provided, you can efficiently setup scanners, ensure they are properly configured to meet your security needs, and manage actions such as editing or deleting scanners.